U.S. Military Cot Mosquito Net

U.S. Military Surplus Cot Mosquito Net ONLY Without Poles and Cot

$ 20.48

U.S. Military Mosquito Net Only Is Designed To Cover A Standard Military Cot W/O Poles and Cot

This U.S. Military Mosquito Net is designed to cover a standard military cot to perfection. Keeps every buzzing, biting annoyance at a safe distance while you catch some much-needed R&R after an all-day hike through the jungle. Just use your own poles.



  • As seen keeping American GI's comfortable on bivouac

  • Designed to cover a standard military cot

  • Tie loops to attach to poles

  • 6 hanging loops

  • U.S. military issue, Made in USA

*Please Note: Does NOT include poles, corner posts or cot


  • Material: Nylon
  • Color: Olive Drab
  • Dimensions: 6.33" x 2.25" x 2.8'h.
  • Country of Origin: USA

NSN: 7210-00-266-9740