PA125 25mm Ammo Can NSN 8140-01-347-8121
PA125 25mm Ammo Can

PA125 25mm Ammo Can

$ 39.95

PA125 25mm Ammo Can Used

Color: Olive Drab Green (Powder Coating Polish Paint).

As seen transporting linked belts of huge 25mm ammo rounds. Put it to use in your own armory storing a whole mess of rifle or pistol ammo. Not to mention tools and other equipment you want to keep safe from moisture, dirt, sand and dust. Made to strict military specs, pre-tested by U.S. troops.

  • U.S. military issue
  • Originally transported 25mm linked ammo
  • Water and dust-proof rubber gasket
  • Reinforced steel construction
  • Haul handles on both sides
  • Removable lid secures with 2 latches
  • Material: Steel
  • Color: Olive Drab
  • Dimensions: 13" x 5" x 13.5"
  • Capacity: 877.5 cu. in.

NSN 8140-01-347-8121

Grade 1:

Ammo Cans will have little to no exterior surface rust or blemishes. Corrosion is very minor, and limited to the contact points or pivot points on the cans if any corrosion exists at all. The interior of the cans are also free of corrosion and the seals are in excellent like new condition. Minimal dents or dings and no attempts to “demilitarize” the cans by covering the original markings. Most Grade 1 cans are in like new condition aside from minor handling or transportation wear. Ammo Cans are shipped from the ammunition factory inside wooden crates which generally leave some minor scuffs on the exterior. Military ammo cans are not a commercial/retail product so they are handled and packaged much differently than retail goods which are intended to arrive in perfect condition. Grade 1 from is the peak condition for military surplus and is as close to new as possible with a used, surplus product. Most of our customer reviews describe our Grade 1 ammo cans as new condition despite being a surplus item.

Grade 2:

Ammo Cans are likely to have light surface rust from exposure to moisture on the exterior of the cans. The ammo can seals are intact and the interior of the cans are in good condition. Small dents or dings may be present along with exterior blemishes or spray painted markings. Grade 2 cans are structurally sound and ready for service but will have some type of exterior blemish that is visible. By our rating standards, Grade 2 ammo cans are what are commonly found at gun shows. These are the most common military surplus ammo cans. Grade 2 surplus items are the junior varsity of surplus. They are in good condition, but are obviously surplus or used. They try hard and won’t give up on you but they just are not quite the cream of the crop. With light preparation and a little paint, Grade 2 cans be made into Grade 1 cans and look like new in most cases.