MRE HDRS Duffle Bag Combo
Duffle Bag Combo

MRE Meals Ready to Eat Humanitarian Daily Rations 12/23 or Later and Used New Improved Duffle Bag Combo

$ 60.00

MRE Meals Ready to Eat Humanitarian Daily Rations 12/23 or Later and Used New and Improved Duffle Bag Combo

Humanitarian Daley Rations -
1 Case of 10 Humanitarian Daily Ration HDR Prepper Camp Hunting Survival. Each box has 10 meal packs. Meal packs have 2 servings per pack as seen in photo.
Humanitarian daily rations (HDRs) are food rations manufactured in the United States intended to be supplied to civilians and other non-military personnel in humanitarian crises. Each is intended to serve as a single person's full daily food supply, and contain somewhat over 2,200 calories (9,200 kJ).
From the time they were created and used in 1993 until November 2001, HDRs were packaged with a bright yellow outer plastic covering; this choice of color, however, proved to be problematic in areas of the world where cluster bombs were being used, as the bombs were the exact same shade of yellow and recipients of the rations sometimes confused the ration package for undetonated cluster bombs, often spotting the bright color from a distance and making an incorrect assumption; this prompted the United States Federal Government to reissue the packages with a deep salmon pink outer covering to distinguish them from the bombs (this color has been used in the HDR manufacturing process ever since).
• New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item.
• Each Bag contains food requirements for 1 person for 1 full day.
• Bundle Description: 2 servings in each Bag
• Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
• Number of Servings: 20 Servings per Case
• Shelf Life:  5 Years
• Item Weight:  2.4 lbs per bag
• Course:  Full meal
• Main Ingredient:  Varies Per Meal
• Flavor:  5 Different Labelled Menus
• Type:  Ready-To-Eat
Meal Contents:
Each of the ten (10) Humanitarian Daily Ration Meals in this case contains:
  • Two (2) Entrees (any two of the following entrees):
    • - Bean Salad
    • - Brown & Wild Rice w/ Lentils
    • - Barley Stew
    • - Lentil Stew
    • - Beans & Rice in Tomato Sauce
    • - Herb Rice
    • - Rice w/ Beans
    • - Red Beans & Rice
    • - Yellow Rice
    • - Lentils & Vegetables
    • - Rice & Vegetables in Sauce
    • - Pasta in Tomato Sauce
  • Bread and Snack items to establish a 2,000 calorie count meal pack (any combination of the following)::Cracker Spreads (Peanut Butter and/or Jam)
    • - Crackers
    • - Vegetable Crackers
    • - Biscuits
    • - Vegetable Biscuits
    • - Flat Bread
    • - Raisins
    • - Fruit Bar
    • - Fruit Pastry
    • - Shortbread Cookies
      • Cracker Spreads (Peanut Butter and/or Jam)
      • Accessory Pack (Red Pepper, Pepper, Salt, Sugar, Spoon, Matches, Alcohol-free Towelette, Napkin)

Genuine Military Improved Duffel Bag -

Color: Olive Drab Green

Material-nylon duck, plain weave; color-dyed camouflage green 483; single item; non-sized; two heavy duty slide fasteners with locking sliders that meet in the middle of the bag opening; four compression straps, two side carrying handles, two top closing handles and shoulder straps with a buckle for adjustment; clear plastic pocket is attached to the top side of the bag to accommodate shipping documents; loop piece of fastener sewn inside the pocket for attaching a name-tape; bag can be securely locked by attaching a padlock through a retainer.

Dimensions: 30" x 12" x 12" APPROX.

  • Genuine Military Issued Product
  • 2-Strap heavy duty padded design
  • Made with mildew resistant / water repellent nylon
  • Holds up to 70lbs
  • New design with a zipper, secure buckles, dual handles, and shoulder straps
  • 4 Compression straps with YKK buckles to keep the load tight and secure
  • Carry handles that strap together and grab handles at either end
  • Pocket has ID window for shipping documents and VELCRO® for attaching name tag

NSN: 8465-01-604-6541