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MRE Flameless Heater - New

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MRE Flame-less Heater 1, 12 or 20 Pack - New

Heat your MRE pouches safely and quickly without fire, as they are designed specifically to be used with your MRE's to heat them anywhere, anytime. By just adding water to the heater and inserting the sealed pouch of food into the bag, you will have a 100+ degree meal in 10 to 12 minutes! Exactly what our troops are using in the field! The heater is a simple combination of powdered food grade iron and magnesium, salt, and water. When water is poured onto the included heater pad, the heater releases enough heat to warm-up the pre-cooked meal to 100+ degrees Fahrenheit in approximately 12 minutes. *Add more salt to solution in increase heat and decrease cooking time This is not intended for Children. Once you've applied the water solution, the unit will become activated and produce heat and steam. Used Food Heaters are non-toxic and may be thrown in the trash. They do not produce Carbon Monoxide, but may activate CO detectors. Use in a well-ventiliated area on a heat-safe surface. Keep out of reach of children.

  • Compact, lightweight, very easy to use
  • Great for camping and various outdoor activities
  • Must have for survival kit
  • One of a kind gift for any outdoor lover

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