M548 (20mm) Surplus Ammo Can Grade 2
M548 (20mm) Surplus Ammo Can

M548 (20mm) Surplus Ammo Can Grade 2

$ 47.99

Includes One (1) Used Grade 2 M548 (20mm) Ammo Can

Color: Olive Drab Green (Powder Coating Polish Paint). 
Also known as 20MM. Our M548 (20MM) Genuine U.S. Military Surplus Ammo Cans feature a rubber seal on the removable lid and carrying handles on either side. *NOTE: For oversized ammo cans such as the M548, it is permissible for spray paint to be on the outside of a Grade 1 or Grade 2 condition ammo can.  
Product Dimensions: (Length) 18.6 inches x (Width) 8.5 inches x (Height) 14.6 inches.
Ammunition Box Material: Carbon Steel SUS304, Aluminum 5052 Surface
Disclaimer: Outside of the can may have light exterior rust from storage, small paint dings, and/or surface scratches from storage. Additionally, there may be spray paint on the ammo can from use during its time within the military as these are in fact USGI cans.The inside of the can will be free from rust and/or paint. The lid will be fully functional with all pins and watertight rubber seal.