50 Cal and Fat 50 Cal Combo

50 Cal and Fat 50 Cal Combo Grade 1

$ 56.50

(1) 50 Cal Ammo Can & (1) FAT 50 Cal Ammo Can Grade 1

50 Cal:

Color: Olive Drab Green (Powder Coating Polish Paint)

US Military Surplus M2A1 Ammo Can. Grade 1. The M2A1 can is known as a 50 cal but may have stencils of other types of Ammo including but not limited to, 5.56, .45 cal, 9mm, Flare, and Fuses. The .50cal Ammo Can is perfect for carrying! Use this ammo can as a dry box for a secure waterproof storage container. The U.S. Military use these boxes for storing ammo. Every box contains a waterproof rubber seal for keeping the water out. The .50 caliber ammo can and will hold 800 rounds of 2.23 or 5.56 ammo or 7.62 ammo. Great for storing tools or any other items you may want to keep out of the weather elements!

• Multiple storage uses

• Product Dimensions: (Length) 11 inches x (Width) 5.5 inches x (Height) 7 inches.

• Ammunition Box Material: Carbon steel SUS304, Aluminum 5052. Made in the USA. Genuine Military issued ammo cans.

NSN 8140-00-960-1699


Grade 1:

Ammo Cans will have little to no exterior surface rust or blemishes. Corrosion is very minor, and limited to the contact points or pivot points on the cans if any corrosion exists at all. The interior of the cans are also free of corrosion and the seals are in excellent like new condition. Minimal dents or dings and no attempts to “demilitarize” the cans by covering the original markings. Most Grade 1 cans are in like new condition aside from minor handling or transportation wear. Ammo Cans are shipped from the ammunition factory inside wooden crates which generally leave some minor scuffs on the exterior. Military ammo cans are not a commercial/retail product so they are handled and packaged much differently than retail goods which are intended to arrive in perfect condition. Grade 1 from OzarkOutdoorz.com is the peak condition for military surplus and is as close to new as possible with a used, surplus product. Most of our customer reviews describe our Grade 1 ammo cans as new condition despite being a surplus item..

Fat 50:

Color: Olive Drab Green (Powder Coating Polish Paint). 

FAT 50, also known as PA 108, are like the regular 50 cal ammo cans but made a little wider and taller. Our FAT 50 Cal Military Grade Ammo Cans feature a hinged lid with a tension clamp-down, a rubber seal on the lid and a carrying handle. 

Product Dimensions: (Length) 12 inches x (Width) 6.75 inches x (Height) 8.5 inches)

Ammunition Box Material: Carbon Steel SUS304, Aluminum 5052 Surface

NSN 8140-01-252-4290