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Ozark Outdoorz Military Surplus and Ammo Cans

The history of Military surplus in the United States dates back to the American Civil War. This was the first large American war that required proper Military uniforms for many troops. In earlier wars, most troops were basically militia wearing whatever they had with them. This required mass-produced wears and arms for both sides. After the war, to recoup some money they sold the supplies in stores. Thus the military surplus store was born.

At Ozark Outdoorz we carry great selection of Military Surplus and Authentic Military Gear. Our selection includes Military MREs, XMREs, Ammo Cans, Clothing, Canteens, Camping Gear, Backpacks, Tactical Gear, and more!

Ozark Outdoorz is a veteran-owned business that was founded in 2016 in the small town of Conway, Arkansas. 

Being veteran-owned, we have a deep appreciation for our prior service military, active military members, and law enforcement. While most of our products were primarily designed for our military, we realize that civilian consumers enjoy our products for recreational use as well. Whether you are preparing for a hike, trip to the range, prepping, or collecting, we bring these battle tested items to you with full confidence that it will surpass your expectations.